Selections from First Light

Selections from First Light



Day One         

            i am waiting for first split of light

            where the woods behind the house

            become themselves

            for the crisp splintered shingles on the tattered shed

            to emerge with morning’s floorboard light

            from the east sky to the shagging western bristles

            these colossus cotton woods

            it is 7:10 AM. still too dark

            to let the chickens out


Day Six

            it’s never a Saturday

            for a chicken

            the rising sun

            with her cold colors

            the howling rain or gentle snow

            or gales of wind

            i must unlock the bolt, the clinging lock

            and let the feathered parade resume

            one stroke of a pink brush cloud

            in abstract expression from a 3/4 moon


Day Eight

            i watch as

            Night takes off her gown

            the slow reveal of nippled stars

            and golden mounds of earth, this ground

            this foothold of dirt

            on which three chickens cling


Day Fourteen

            Maple is molting

            tiny yellow neck feathers

            fall like august stars


Day Eighteen

            let the morning chimes ring!

            Sunday’s dome is lifting

            i will put on my boots


Day 21

            there is no rest for a farmer

            just another day to dodge

            the weather
Mimi German
Mimi German is a poet living in Portland, Oregon, studying poetry in the Poet Studio at the Attic Institute. Her poems have been published in NewVerseNews, PublicPool and soon in The Mantle Poetry Journal.



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