Self-Made Mummy

 Self-Made Mummy



How it happens --

walking along an icy ravine,

scarring the desert

from an airplane wreckage,

bowing, while mother and father

turn away,

and a boulder gleams

 in a priest's hands.

Or, an execution in the marsh,

as flecks of snow scatter.

Each and all,

we are called,

to remain,

to parse only clues

in fingers, tongues,

strands of rope.

Each and all,

we recall

our last lost footing,

our last world, gone


Meg Smith


Meg Smith is a poet, journalist, dancer and events producer living in Lowell, Mass. Her poetry has appeared or has been accepted to The Cafe Review, Star*Line, Illumen, Pudding, Dreams & Nightmares, and more. 

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