Spelling Bee

Spelling Bee


I can't spell "separate" right.

I always spell it wrong,
usually "s e p e r a t e,"
hearing "er," not really "ar."

It's not right, I know,

after making the mistake in spelling.
(And this spelling by ear business? Really...)

But my soul, not my mind, controls my words;
it's my soul misspelling a word it never liked,     
feeling "us," not really "me."
Michael Griffith
Michael Griffith began writing poetry to help his mind and spirit stay healthy as his body recovered from a life-changing injury. His poems and non-fiction articles have appeared in many print and online publications and anthologies. He resides and teaches near Princeton, NJ. His first book of poetry is slated to appear later this year.     


  1. Smart and funny. Wish more written like this.


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