One day without coffee,

only one day ...

After a few hours,

I'm trembling, my thoughts are blurry,

a headache is coming up

Is caffeine addictive?

just like nicotine

I always thought my welcomed

starter of a new day was harmless

Now I'm seriously considering

to add coffee to my survival kit


The moment I drink a few sips of coffee,

I retrieve energy, inspiration, and I start to

be my good-tempered self again

No way, I shall voluntarily deny myself

a decaffeinated day again


Daginne Aignend


Daginne Aignend is a pseudonym for the Dutch writer, poetess, photographic artist Inge Wesdijk. She likes hard rock music, fantasy books is a vegetarian who loves her animals. She's the Poetry Editor of Whispers and has been published in many poetry journals, magazines and anthologies, in the 'Tears' Anthology of the The New York Literary Magazine' to name one


  1. I have had this happen before. Not enough poems about the coffee demon.


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