Frying Pantheism


Frying Pantheism


Belief in frying pans.

Copper, cast iron, stainless steel    


You can go electric like Dylan.

All good, although some better,

a lot more expensive than others.

There's a functional frying pan

for any persuasion but nothing's

manufactured to last forever,

especially the newer ones with

non-stick, non-lasting surfaces

but frying pan renewal does

keep economies firing. Fry

an egg, fry a sausage, fry up

some kale and bulgar with a glug

of Spanish olive oil, some salt.

Any frying pan in a storm, while

camping. One can have faith in frying

pans without mind-numbing effort,

accepting unreasonable claims, caveats.

They promise so little but then

actually deliver, even if the handle

bre/aks   off.  Spinoza was probably busy

in the kitchen when he got his pantheism

idea and martyr, Giordano Bruno,

was cooked for it    a monotheist

recipe for charring meaty opposition.

Least I can do is affirm my belief

by making this declaration:

I believe in frying pans.



Allan Lake

Originally from Saskatchewan, Lake has lived in Vancouver, Cape Breton Island, Ibiza/Spain, Tasmania & now calls Melbourne home. He has published two collections; Tasmanian Tiger Breaks Silence (1988) ; Sand in the Sole (2014) plus the chapbook, Grandparents: Portraits of Strain (1994). Lake won Elwood(Aus) Poetry Prize 2015 & 2016, Lost Tower Publications(UK) Poetry Comp 2017 and Melbourne Spoken Word Poetry Festival/The Dan Competition 2018.


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