Blue Sunrises

Blue Sunrises


I am so good at being broken

Taping my soul back together

And jumping back into the fray

To distract myself from the pain


How did we end up here?

Two strangers, stumbling in the dark

Reaching out for what we want

But somehow getting what we need


I’m inhaling the words you uttered

To an empty room at midnight

And exhaling desires

That should’ve never left my lips


Stitch my wounds back together

With thread of promises and dreams

Hold my heart and say

That time heals everything


Come, sit with me and watch

Blue sunrises over blood water

Remind me that the war is over

Never really won, but life still goes on



Jen Elslip

Jen Elslip lives and works in California. Poetry and pastries take up her free time and provide her with sanity from her 9-5. She has been published in Nine Muses Poetry, and will soon be seen in Bonnie's Crew. More of her poetry can be found on Instagram: @j.elslip " 


  1. Love this poem plus the art work is perfect.

    Gene G.

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