Dying a Bohemian



One day I want to live for the day,

Sleeping under the moon,

Starving, drunk on the generosity of life as it comes,

Penniless on the hay of a hill in a strange hemlock,

Days and hours melding together effortlessly, noiselessly,

Past life with all its ambitious anxieties already fading into forgetfulness.


It would be so primal to simply soak in the sun

As the day suddenly barges in,

To look at all the glory around and wonder 

About a mouldy room teeming with duffel

Bags with wheels, fruitcake tiles and 

Treadle machines by the only window;

About a broken wrist watch with faded

Mauve band and fake diamonds,

The day it was bought and cherished as a rare luxury,

Like the time that ran too fast and the ceramic teeth Implant

After spending nights in agony wondering about 

The exhausted calcium and the unborn child snug beneath the mysterious swelling 

And the correlation between second birth and child birth.


It would be so peaceful to one day pass away pastless, penniless,

Leaving behind a life where a motherless fatherless child has to prove its worth 

To be a charity case and the whole Helplessness of it to survive otherwise,

Living a normal life like it deserved...


Malkeet Kaur

Malkeet Kaur works as a teacher in Navi Mumbai,  India and loves to pen her feelings in the form of verses. Many of her poems have been published in online journals and anthologies. Poetry,  for her,  is a way of giving voice to her deepest feelings and she finds solace in poetry during turbulent times. 

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