You came from Somewhere

I wanted your Story

I thought it might be okay,

In May.


We worked side by side

cleared tables, washed dishes.

I saved my tips. You spent yours,

in June


The ocean waves swelled

caution left with the tide.

I believed your every lie,

in July.


The evenings grew cool.

We built fires by the bay.

Up nights with weed and whisky,

in August.


In mid September

You left for Somewhere.

It is hard staying sober,

in October.


Come share my turkey

I’m still feeling thankful

even though you don’t love me,

in November.


Bring me an orange

a token of sunshine.

I can hardly remember,

in December.

Kathryn Weidener

Kathryn Weidener
Kathryn has been telling tales all her life. Joining the profession of Storytellers has been an opportunity to read and retell great tales with a little embellishment of props and audience participation. Writing down some of the stories is a new life challenge, with encouragement from her two adult sons, who have to approve if their names are mentioned. She has published in local newspapers and a family gardening tale in the magazine Hobby Farms. Recently Kathryn has performed at The Moth in LA and NYC. She didn't win, but did fair to middlin' and wants to keep at it.






  1. I read then re-read this, as I do sometimes to see if my initial feelings change upon a second reading.

    Yes, my initial "Wow, cool!" (Which is never all that critical) has mellowed to a "woah...Nice construction" and more.

    I very much like this and look forward to next month's poem!

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