Spark in a House of Cards


Spark in a House of Cards



When things catch fire the cause is less

important than who gets the blame for melted

images of the future. They died

in starlight, in view

of one person looking on, sightless, while the other

stood blind. What ten years does to decisions

that used to take only ten minutes and iron

guts. Now, months cling

though with looser

grasp - snagged on some thought

of honor, a conception that died

in a car ride, on a plane, in the distance

across the years. Strange to wake up

a stranger. Someone who someone else

swore she wouldn't be. 


Cortni Merritt


Cortni Merritt is a mother and marketing copywriter living in central Florida. As the daughter of a Marine, she grew up living in Hawaii, Florida, Texas, and South Carolina, before graduating high school in Colorado and earning a Bachelor's of Science in psychology from Colorado State University. Cortni earned an additional Bachelor's degree in English literature at the University of Central Florida, where she met the father of her son. She completed her education at Florida State University with an M.A. in English literature, and now balances her life between full-time writing and being a mother. In addition to reading and writing, Cortni enjoys belly dance, photography, and trivia night at the bar. 


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