Soon after the bullet split into my flesh, through organs, I saw blood trace the sand. It slid down the curves of the earth and drew images no one care free would ever notice. Somber art only I could appreciate. Illustrations along the canvas of vermilion told my tale—a tome of an outlaw, wanted, someone who died. Yet lived without rules. Autonomy became my solace, hierarchy, legacy. In that I found acceptance. Closed my eyes while everything blurred until there was black and cold and nothingness. My only regret, forgot the wife had asked me to pick up milk.



Along with "Standoff," BAM has stories in several anthologies, journals, and magazines. Other microfiction includes "Incorrigible Jerk," "Killed," "Mizu," and "Untimely Demise," with 500 Miles Magazine, 50-Word Stories, A Quiet Courage Journal, and Flash Fiction Magazine respectively. BAM teaches English and types out more words in Japan. Social media:,,,


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