The Geometry of Need


The Geometry of Need (or, How’s this

for First Thought / Best Thought, Pt. 2?)


Sometimes  it seems that some folks absolutely need

some sort of Ptolemaically structured pantheon of

varying shades and degrees, pie-graphs and Venn-

diagrams of Xs, Ys and Zs symbolizing, charting and

compartmentalizing all the various diametrically

opposing dichotomies of devils and gods, demons

and angels, aristocrats and street-sweepers, embrace-

ables and untouchables, lowly princes and lordly

paupers. Yes, indeed, sometimes it seems that some

folk’s days (hell, their very lives, I tell you!) would

not be complete without something to sneer at juxt-

opposed against something to lustfully leer at,

something to loathe and something to fetishize,

something to  suckle up to and something to demonize

from on-high, and seriously ... what the hell is wrong

with you people!?


Jason Ryberg


Jason Ryberg is the author of twelve books of poetry,
six screenplays, a few short stories, a box full of folders,
notebooks and scraps of paper that could one day be
(loosely) construed as a novel, and, a couple of angry
letters to various magazine and newspaper editors.

He is currently an artist-in-residence at both 

The Prospero Institute of Disquieted P/o/e/t/i/c/s 

and the Osage Arts Community, and is an editor 

and designer at Spartan Books. His latest collections of poems 

are Zeus-X-Mechanica (Spartan Press, 2017) 

and A Secret History of the Nighttime World (39 West Press, 2017). 

He lives part-time in Kansas City with a rooster named Little Red 

and a billygoat named Giuseppe and part-time somewhere 

in the Ozarks, near the Gasconade River, where there are also 

many strange and wonderful woodland critters. 

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