You were both unwilling
witnesses to my disease.

Innocents shattered in
seconds, each crumpled
aluminum can tossed
through stealth, belligerent

You were both children of a
cursed father, as I was.

And so the circle had been
drawn again, loops overlapping;
tears pummeling pillows and

I wouldn't stop, I couldn't, the
devils fangs were driven into

And so, all that I was so richly
blessed with, unraveled right
before my eyes.

A velvet ball of yarn on fire.

Material things evaporated, in
rancid Summer stench.

Loved ones were torn apart
like newspaper and shattered
into an unforgiving breeze.

Finally, I was incarcerated, I had
an epiphany, alas the damage
had already been done.

Alone was the new order, of both
day and night.

The voices reverberating in my
head, drive me to the edge of
steepest cliff, nudging me ever
closer, closer, closer.


Wayne Russell


Wayne Russell is a creative writer that was born and raised in Tampa, Florida.
Wayne is the founder and former editor and chief of Degenerate Literature.
Sadly, due to unforeseen circumstances and time restraints, DL closed in late 2017.
Wayne's poetry, short stories, and photography have been widely published both
online and in print.


  1. I like the cryptic feel of Wayne's writing which offers the reader compounds of thought and meaning.

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