The March

The March


  Loggerhead Turtles  150 million  years

 old can grow to be three feet, 300 lbs.


 Twenty turtles hatch on Pawley's Island

            where  we form strict lines

 on the sand to witness


the sway and shuffle of  baby turtles   

            while trained volunteers

nudge them straight with their feet


We never touch or speak

             but search for predators

who will dive  snap   kill


Near the sea a volunteer plucks up 

            turtles  placing them one

 by one on incoming  waves


The turtles swim forward  roll back   

            race for their lives

while we see the swoop of a hawk


Hear his squawk   watch

            his mouth tighten

as he flies back  to his nest


We accept the inevitable

            trudge in straight lines

 up the beach to our clean vans

Mare Leonard

Mare Leonard lives in an old school house overlooking The Rondout Creek. Away from
her own personal blackboard, she teaches through the Institute for Writing and Thinking
and the MAT program at Bard College. She has published four chapbooks of poetry and a
new one, The Dark Inside the Hooded Coat will be published shortly at Finishing Line

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