Let us play in the hallway of love’s denigrations

Between the walls in the dark Kiss of cement

The marbled ground of golden footprints, ever so frigid, summons a shadow.

Rosebuds falling to atrophied gallows of an eternal ending, through blank walls of plastered pity.

Doves fly in fear as a dense mist of breathing, flows in discord. 


From the depths of blackness, only to look up at the ceiling

Glittering like hardened crystals. 

Rising diamonds peep through blackened coal and the mine trembles,


Waves rapidly submerge the form

The suffocation crawls. Brazen upon it. No more.

Wretched depths hit the walls with silent laughter.

To the ocean’s melody


Humming away the steel remnants of hope

Rise in a place of dented depression.

Engulfed in anguish, the shutters close.

The sea fears these shuddering partitions as a sailing ship through the hallway


Passively, as we look on, it moves far, far from imagination

We are left scathingly with a morose shadow, telling the tale of you and me.



Renu Persaud


Renu Persaud is a Canadian lecturing professor and writer. Her most recent book “The Mastery of You” showcases in non-fiction writing with poetic flair and has been nominated for RBC Taylor Prize and a Governor General's Award.


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