Desire for Want

Desire for Want


Atlantis searches the depths of the Pacific, for the arctic stench of egoism.

To stand out in vain, look at me.

I impress a thousand phantasmagorias upon you.



Sending grams of vision we portray

Of the Self

Give me the honor of your potent admiration cloaked in envy.

Pulled by a precocious embrace

The moon vibrantly motions untoward a morose state.

Bottled boundaries engulf the rapture of entrapment.

Fanfares of hallucination behold a fantasy.

Your grasp tightens, tensely, silently drawn.

Feed her Dionysius.

Assiduously, Venus surrenders to a valiant tenderness.

Taunted by the thorns of vehemence

Only to be mocked by the dungeon of longing desires.

Winds of fury, bondage

Exposed and full of silent serenity, we want for nothing more than devotion.

A technocratic civilization of strangers we don’t need to know.  Life is like that now.

The golden goose searches for her gosling.

The cries of candor are calling, to you. Answer the message.

Dignity is a dwindling dilemma.  Vexation of desire becomes the vestibule for solitude.

Below the awning, a begotten stare is distorted. 

Booking a season to face the captor, Insanity links us by chattered chirpings of mediocrity

Thoughts, at times, scattered with compassion.

A glance, a touch, a sound disoriented by the text of indolence,

Throbbing fingers, thumb our cherished moments.

We praise with grams of insanity. Instantly

Ecstasy of attention jolts to a state of wonderment. Do not part with me.

I dreadfully fear the delight beyond this muddled reality.

Let me remain in captivity, dismayed.
Renu Pesaud

R Persaud is a Canadian lecturing professor and writer. Her most recent book “The Mastery of You” showcases in non-fiction writing with poetic flair and has been nominated for RBC Taylor Prize and a Governor General's Award.  


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