It Happened Fast

 It Happened Fast


you can't believe 


that you've desired that which


wasn't good for you


what didn't mirror


giant leaps of youth


ideals you assumed


would steer your clear


the iceberg of your parents


you believed


oh god, you thought you believed


in worship of the mad night rose


drumming under sternum


better than any gardener ever


early evening you hold


a glassine shovel


to make how you wanted


no steel for yes or the love who carried love


where you sleep tonight is all your courage


fire's diamond castle blown out


the rose no longer


knows your name.



stephanie roberts


stephanie roberts has been featured in many periodicals and anthologies including Arcturus, Verse Daily, The Stockholm Review of Literature, Crannóg, {*isacoustic}, and Occulum. A Pushcart Prize nominee, she was born in Central America, grew up in Brooklyn, NY, and abides in Québec, Canada. Her work was recently translated into Farsi.

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