Self Portrait


If I were to paint myself
the hues would speak of pain

Doused in red and black,
crimson ire soaking
the bed sheets of the mind
with sorrowful cries

Blended with narcissistic
cacophony in ears too shadow-filled to hear

Lies and guilt overshadow
the face, with lines too deep to care

The canvas is tarred and mold-ridden
from nicotine stains and a tired heart

The hands burnt red from
catching colds stripped of pride

The eyes a pitiful stare
off into the abyss which never stares back

The mouth, a lost child prying
lips open, hoping to speak

The hair, tangled with four

regretted seasons, locked to the sky


 Adam Levon Brown

Adam Levon Brown is an internationally published poet and author in 14 countries. He has had his work translated in Spanish, Albanian and Afrikaans. Boasting upwards of 300 published pieces, you can find his writing at such publications as Burningword Literary Journal, Angel City Review, Firefly Magazine, Epigraph, Burning House Press and many more. He was longlisted in the 2017 Erbacce Prize poetry competition.

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