The last of the bad guys

The last of the bad guys


I choke down betrayal for breakfast

it tastes like stale cigarillos and sour Corona

but it is healthier than lying

down satiated after a feast of lies


I vomit till my gut has nothing else

to offer, then I bleed a sacrifice

pour fire into it

burn the emptiness within


eulogizing aloud

my voice escapes

after having been caged

for decades behind my teeth


you’ve always confused

popularity for beauty

longevity for loyalty

so how could you not mistake

desperation for dedication?


I thought of her voice last night

and forgot to buy tissues

now I’m left with nothing 

to wipe these sins away


forsaken promises roll

into the corners of the mouth

you once made your home

they dissipate onto my tongue

saltiness flavors my acquiescence

savoring the only solace

in realizing you have never

will never      

know the full sway of my heart

or the warmth of my throat

MD Marcus

MD Marcus is a freelance writer and poet who loves keys, the color blue, and a good nude illusion. Her work has appeared on Salon as well as in Another Way Round, The DrabbleEunoia ReviewRat’s Ass ReviewCommunicators League, “Motherhood May Cause Drowsiness,” among others. Please read everything she writes and visit her on Instagram or at

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