Hallow's Eve

Hallow's Eve


A mist is ghosting through the trees

This haunted Halloween

The leaving leaves allow moonlight

To slip through in between


Hoards of goblins march a path

From porch to lighted porch

One can almost see a mob

Each with a kindled torch


The Trick or Treat on every lip

Tradition soundly laid

There's  apples, candy,  popcorn balls

The yearly ransom paid


When all the sweet extortion's done

The raiders fight the bed

Intoxicating sugar rush

Has gone straight to each head


As night rolls on across the land

Pumpkin candles gutter

The midnight chime lends eerie sound

Makes even strong men shudder


The witching hour brings two worlds close

And thins the shielding veil

The strongest creatures looking through

Escape beyond the pale


Some with unfinished business here

Search for ways to end it

Still others caught in looping time

Maybe to defend it


Demon monsters haunt their dreams

Especially on this night

When people, mostly sensible

Hide their heads in fright


When  superstition runs amok

When facing unknown fear

Even the intelligent

Protect what they hold dear


With dawn returns some sanity

The eerie held at bay

The rifted veil has been resealed

Next year again they'll play

Richard Higley

Richard Higley, Lafayette Indiana.

I came to poetry later in life. at age 59. Midwest blue collar poet. I'm currently 66, married 44 years, Father of 7, grandfather to a slowly spreading pool of grands. I have published on collection of poems titled The Wounded Flower. I have more than 500 pieces that touch a wide range of subjects. My alter ego is a wandering storyteller I have the honor of being  Pubber Of the year 2016 winning the Wattpad Writers Pub poem contest. I also am honored to be returning to the Ariel Chart platform.




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