At One


At One



Solitude is my only friend;

For what is a friend if not a comfort,

To be in the presence of one’s own soul?

There is no need to disguise myself,

To shirk away from my own nakedness

Reflected in the mirror on my wall

And in the greater mirror of aloneness.

The oneness with myself is welcomed

In times of lost battles with the world.

The emptiness, like endless caverns,

Beckons me to breathe deeply

The expanse of the universe.

I take the great strides to bridge the world

And span the loathsome abyss

Of every crack upon my heart

Till slowly, tenderly, one deep, long breath

At a time, I take in the mist

Of God…. and heal and grow

And dream again –

As is the fate of those at one with love.



 J.C. Salazar


J.C. Salazar grew up in Houston, where he still resides, the child of immigrant parents. He earned degrees in English (BA), linguistics (MS), and literature (MA) from the University of Houston and UH-Clear Lake. He also completed doctoral courses in English at UH. J.C. is a lifelong educator and community activist, who loves great stories, language, and writing. Of Dreams & Thorns is his debut novel, inspired by his immigrant family and community. He hopes you love reading it as much as he loved writing it. "states of unitedness" is his collection of poems in which the author expresses the need for all human beings to love one another and our responsibility to care for each other while also striving to reach our full potential.

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