Some Beautiful Boy

Some Beautiful Boy

He is just some beautiful boy, why did he make

her feel this way?

She loses her head, her heart, her clothes,

even her soul…with him.

She thrives on the chaos love brings. She did not

understand it really, she only knew she needed it.

The deep ache in her soul from the longing,

the wanting, the losing control.

That feeling of being fully alive.

The anticipation, the hoping, the imagining

She breathes fully only when her heart is beating fire

As she feels herself breaking into a million little pieces

each breathing different words. And her restless heart,

always running, running when love calls to her.

Oh, how she lingers in this state of disarray

as her heart leads the way.

She waits to catch her breath for that second wind.

To love again. To feel again. To be alive again.

And, he is just some beautiful boy. Why did he make

Her feel this way?

N.R. Hart

I am known as the romantic poet. My first book “Poetry and Pearls” was published in 2016, a collection of poetry and prose with poems about love and romance and everything in-between. I have been a romantic and an empathy all my life with an overwhelming need to help and heal people, spreading love and hope and making others “feel” with my poetry. I want to make people believe in love again, even after a broken heart and that being vulnerable is the only way to open your heart and let love in. I grew up in a large Italian family, studied English literature in school and I am obsessed with things that are old and the color punk like my pink typewriter and also every kind of love story out there. I am truly “an old soul.”


  1. I love to write and read love poetry too. Thanks for this lovely one.

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