That Day In Alabama


That Day In Alabama

In memories of the bygone time
A scene vivid in my life’s drama
I still remember that day of rejections
That frigid morning in Alabama

Drizzling pour of snow were slow
Wee hours sprayed thin of grey
Knocking doors in cold I went
In search of job and hope that day

Foreigner I was, tired & worn
Orphan strayed in Christ’s land
A stale loaf and bowl of soup
Shake the patience of empty hands

Not that, I wasn’t trying
In wake of futile, failed attempts
But rule of land forbade a stranger
If a paying work he dearly tempts

Pangs of hunger have will of own
Knows no border or hill or ports
At times fate judge color of skin,
Labels of nation and yes, passports

A streak of nays awaited this soul
Fortune grinned too far away
Void of light seemed end of hope
In morning of Alabama that day
Siddharth Sehgal
Siddharth Sehgal is a poet, writer and editor at Indian Periodical. He was nominated by Ariel Chart for the Best of the Net Poetry Award.

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