Saturday night in a Parisian discothèque
Walls covered in black light paint
One mind within hybrids of fog and clouds

Machine haze wafting amid the lights
Hookah smoke sculpting an indica sunrise
Looking through glass of an indigo bulb

Making love in a Peugeot under the moon
Tasting lips sweet as meringues
Arching triumphantly on Champs-Élysées

Feeling my blood flambé
Feeling my lips brûlée
Feeling my gut sauté

Tissues molded like a pâté
Manhood rising like a soufflé
Expectations cut like a fillet


Jack M. Freedman

Jack M. Freedman is a poet and spoken word artist from Staten Island, NY. He penned the chapbooks Never Lick the Spoon and Tobias. Publications featuring his work include Boston Literary Magazine, Quail Bell Magazine, Rising Phoenix Review, NYSAI Press, POSTblank, Austin International Poetry Festival (di-Verse-city), typoetic.us, Free Lit Magazine, and Taj Mahal Review. These publications span North America, Western Europe, and Southeast Asia. Jack is also featured in the book, Nasty Women & Bad Hombres (Lascaux Editions, 2017).



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