red bud blossoms

red bud blossoms



red bud blossoms lie in puddles at

the base of the trees lining the path

I yearn to lie in their silkiness with you

capture the beauty of this moment

I am running against the wind fresh

and strong in my face my hair

slower going yet continuing on

later I see six turkey vultures

on the side of the road large ugly

gathered over a dead body

stark contradiction to the morning

but those flowers had died as well

and leaped from the branches

eventually to wither and brown

hold me in your arms as I fight

my own battle face to the sunshine

back against the clouds

Renee Butner

Renee Butner particularly loves her grandsons, the ocean, painting, running, and dark chocolate. She and her husband live in Winston-Salem, NC, where they are the owners of Kilwins. She is a member of Winston-Salem Writers and the NC Haiku Society. Most recently she has been published in Sheila-na-Gig, Haiku Journal, NC Poetry in Plain Sight and she won second prize in Piedmont Plus Silver Games in September for her poem Silver Moments. She has a website


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