In Pursuit of Happiness

In Pursuit of Happiness

                                                            In pursuit of happiness

                                                            blinded by its glow

                                                            right from the start

                                                            I began losing

                                                            my self


                                                            At the end of the road

                                                            under the rainbow

                                                            I woke up and found

                                                            no pot of gold there

                                                            just pain

                                                            telling me

                                                            there was no me either

                                                            Only emptiness

                                                            so cold and dark

                                                            so scary to look at

                                                            too much death-like

                                                            to dare enter it

                                                            And then an accident

                                                            or was it my courage

                                                            jarred me forward

                                                            I found the places

                                                            where richness resides

                                                            where light shines on unseen

                                                            where unspoken is heard

                                                            unborn to live

                                                            My Self lost

                                                            my Innocence

                                                            to be found again.

                                                            Hifzija Bajramovic


I come from former, but forever my home country, Yugoslavia. In Canada since 1986, my adopted home. Trained and practice as a physician with a specialty in  Psychiatry I was teaching at U of Ottawa since 1976. Two books I have written 1.PrimalMind Primal Games, why we do what we do and 2. Primal Ming Primal Games; Dawn breaks over Armageddon. They both speak of a basic organisation of the universe in terms of expansion, contraction and maintenance of the balance as space and time where life emerges and stops. The first book pertains more to an individual, the second to groups/society at large, in my practice, I have realized the importance of emotions as the energy of life thus leader and logic as executor thus follower. On this I have created: Emotional Education program that I used in my practice and educated my students. The poetry that comes to me uninvited but welcome reflects this in part.

Hifzija Bajramovic

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