An American Janitor

An American Janitor

Who am I

but the janitor of America

who finds calm in my stride

who works for this great Nation

of Peace and Hope

by filling each Honorable drop with salt

as to grasp the handle

of a mop and broom

where dreams often begin

along this trodden linoleum path of liberty.

Freedom I say I shine.

A Patriot as far as these 

clean, flung stars.

Danny P. Barbare

Danny P. Barbare has recently worked as a janitor. His poems have appeared all over the world. He has been published over 800 times locally and abroad. Most recently in El Portal, Huizache, The Aurorean, Columbia College Literary Journal, and many more. He grew up and lives in Greenville, SC.


  1. Thankyou for this poem, I found it very vivid and completely enjoyed reading it. :)

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