Fool on the Hill

Fool on the Hill

Whooping, laughter-screaming, silly young boys

sprint from the lunchroom toward a hill

launch their bodies aloft

roll, roll, roll into hysterics at the bottom,

jump up and do it again

despite the threats to take away their pilots’ licenses. 

I thought this.

Fling off my suit coat, rip off my tie,

kick off my shoes (not my argyle socks),

roll down the hill, mirth abounding,

tattoo dark green grass stains on my dress trousers,

as the sun smiles

and the clouds scoff

at my wanton foolishness.

But I didn’t.


Vein Fein 

Vern Fein is a career special education teacher who decided to write fiction after he retired, but wrote a few poems also and now has over seventy poems published in a variety of venues like *82 Review, The Literary Nest, Bindweed Magazine, Gyroscope Review, Ibis Head Review, Former People, 500 Miles, and The Write Launch, and has non-fiction pieces in Quail Bell, The Write Place at the Write Time, and Adelaide, plus a short story in the online magazine Duende from Goddard College.

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