Slight Return

Slight Return

That same road narrows each time I decide

to grace its pavements, that constant stain

across its sky like beer smudged ash, reflects

across the the oil-slicked puddles that my feet

empty with each quickening step. 

The cracks along the walls that we are informed 

we pay for on a monthly basis, gradually 

expand with each passing week as the torn,

discarded parking tickets and rusted cans 

rattle around my feet like miniature hurricanes.

The local on the corner which I now no longer

have to sprint pass, my constitution now 

immune to its clientele's daggers. Its crumbling

walls now stand pitiful, yet now with a warmth

I begrudgingly decide to accept. 

The breeze as usual remains inconsistent, 

allowing neither flame or plain sailing to

function without error. Another summer

here may well allow our bruised toes to peek

over the edge, but once again I lack an excuse

to leave.   

Jonathan Butcher

Jonathan Butcher has had work appear in various publications both online and in print including: Outlaw Poetry, Drunk Monkeys, Picaroon Poetry, Popshot, The Transnational, The Morning Star, Ink, Sweat &Tears, Plastic Futures and others. His second chapbook 'Broken Slates' was published by Flutter Press. He lives in Sheffield, England. 

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