Strangers Again

Strangers Again

Incredible lovers suddenly depart to become strangers again
highway of the future becomes the wind chimes of nostalgia
a terror of silent rain is deafening over a quiet breath.

An overhead fan rotates in the moonscape sky,
lucid dreams float above and beyond a rattled night.
I favor the allure of night in pure silence
with an eye cocked toward night pleasures
in early morning haze.

There are no nightmares
when you keep your eyes open
no dreams either,
to become strangers again.

John Raffetto

John Raffetto is a lifelong resident of Chicago.

Some of his poetry has been published in print and various online magazine such as Gloom Cupboard, Wilderness House, BlazeVox, Literary Orphans, Olentangy Review & Exact Change. Nominated for Pushcart Prize 2017. Holds degrees from the University of Illinois and Northeastern Illinois University. Worked as a horticulturalist and landscape designer for many years at the Chicago Park District which was a rich environment for drawing inspiration for poems concerning nature, people and the city. Currently a adjunct professor at Triton College.

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