Voice in the Wind

Voice In The Wind

Bitter wails, a gust.

Perceived as nothing more,

than an annoyance.

The whipping of hair,

brushed out of a face.


regarded as a child’s tantrum.

Discarded, trash…

the undesired truth.

Words no one need hear.

Lest they make the ears bleed.

Angry howls, a hurricane.

Outcry for justice unanswered,

and concerns unaddressed.

Avoided, conflicts…

out of fear,

of being swept away.

Not wanting to take an unpopular stance.

A mother’s plea, a whisper.

A voice in the wind...

Renee D. Burreson

Renee D. Burreson is a poet and writer working on a fantasy novel series.


  1. Only a woman of power and grace can write such a poem. We are inspired.

    Ali Ghomoilur

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