Experimental Me

Experimental Me

My body tells its tale

with scars, bumps and twists

but no one dreams the dread

my mind journeyed through

One must know the language

my body yelling out loud

it's found in open brain ops,

intensive care, IV's and fear

Experimental they said

Not terrifying, painful, dark

my mind and frame have bent

the iron pipes of sanity

Chrissie Morris Brady

Chrissie now lives on the south coast of England. She has travelled widely and gained her degree in Psychology at USC, and worked in the recovery from addiction for several years in Southern California. She has written poetry since she was a teenager, and now has been published by Plum Tree Books, Brian Wrixon publishing, Dead Snakes, Dissident Voice, Scarlet Review, WISH Poetry, Anti-Heroin Chic and other publications, including several anthologies


  1. Excellent and real. I really like it. The idea that a body tells stories with the scars of illness and disease is profound and horrifying to me.
    Thanks for sharing this honest and difficult work.

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