Saltwater has a way
of cleansing small wounds
which amass during
bouts of depression

A dulled deluge of trepidation,
tasting of copper blades,
fathomed by silent necrosis

A mouthful of sprained pain,
coughed up and abandoned
into sand dune voids

Saltwater has a way of diluting
(Deluding?) the memories
staining the pale black facade,
sinister, yet unspoken of

A liquid slap to the stomach,
sprung from the abyss
to eat your envy and feed
off your dreams

The worst saltwater
comes from those who say
they love you,

because the pure water
you're expecting, always cracks

like whips of sand, and drowns
your heart in self-questioning,
until you barely remember

what it’s like to swim

Adam Levon Brown

Adam Levon Brown is an internationally published poet and author in 14 countries. He has had his work translated in Spanish, Albanian, Arabic, and Afrikaans. Boasting over 300 published pieces, you can find his writing at such publications as Burningword Literary Journal, Firefly Magazine, Zany Zygote Review, Epigraph, Angel City Review, and Ariel Chart. He was long-listed in the 2016 Erbacce Prize poetry competition and received a special mention in the Pangolin Prize 2018 competition

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