ecstasy, non-conforming

ecstasy, non-conforming

we looked into

each other’s eyes

to catch up the sea,

surmised infinity.

we felt the pull,

and held long

the gentle lull of death,

broke the hands

that wound us into dream,

likened the lure of a stellar scheme,

where we, breathlessly,

called upon molten kisses

and opened the asylum doors.

it was there that the buildings

fell, beautifully slanted,

as our bodies ceased

to take for granted

the mystery.

Eliana Vanessa

Eliana Vanessa is originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina and moved to New Orleans, Louisiana at a young age.  Her poems have been selected for display via a community project called St Tammany Poetry on the Streets, and she recently participated in the Jane Austen Festival (2017,2018, 2019, upcoming) as part of a panel of other selected poets.  Eliana Vanessa’s work appears in Siren’s Call, The Horrorzine, The Rye Whiskey Review, The Ramingo’s Porch, Fearless Magazine, and the anthology, Masks Still Aren’t Enough.

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