Saint Cancer

Saint Cancer

Lance Armstrong was my cancer angel.

I read how he survived stage 3 testicular cancer,

how he survived chemo and radiation.

His suffering and redemption inspired me

to ride my own bicycle thousands of miles.

He burnished his halo, it shone bright

for years before the revelations of cheating,

before his fall from grace.

And I had my own halo,

I became my own cancer angel

after I survived two cancer surgeries,

no chemo, no radiation, minimal scarring.

Family, friends, and strangers prayed for me;

I felt like a saint in my own little world.

I went back to work in the spring,

I was truly blessed, I was lifted up,

as I lifted my students in and out

of their wheelchairs, in and out of their buses.

I got back on my bicycle that summer,

rode two thousand miles before Christmas.

My own fall from grace would come later,

Betrayals, lies, cruel games with people’s lives.

Frank C. Modica

Frank C Modica is a retired teacher who taught children with special needs for over 34 years.  Frank’s writing is animated by interests in history, geography, and sociology. He lives in a university community, where he enjoys the various cultural opportunities available to him.  His short story “Homemade” was selected as an Honorable Mention in the Midway Journal 2017 -1000 Below Flash Prose and Poetry contest. His work has appeared in Slab, Heyday, Cacti Fur, Black Heart Magazine, The Tishman Review, Crab Fat Literary Magazine, and FewerThan500.

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