Stain which there is no washing away

Tarnishing of one’s self image


Powerful assertion without knowledge

The placement of a label

Horrendous lies projected to justify fears

Embraced stereotypes

Symbol of disgrace among the norm

The practice of blind ignorance and hate

Invalidation of a person’s thoughts, feelings, reputation, or character

Generalizing and negating an ailment or condition

Marking someone as trouble, a failure, or without merit

A staggering lack of respect for the human soul

Renee D. Burreson

Renee D. Burreson is a poet with her last work being published by Ariel Chart. She is currently working on a fantasy novel. You can catch her podcast interview on Strength To Be Human.


  1. This one has all the signs of a traumatic experience. Howling.

    Jimmy Stenton

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