Up Here, All Things Float

Up Here, All Things Float

We know what makes

a balloon float,

clouds without string too.

After all, we built magic

up there, if just to redeem


All things ascend somewhere.

So much so,

the dark vault of sky

impossibly sags

clouds buckle like

riveted steel beams with cracked

seams, impossibly so.

For now the patched stitches

won’t sieve, though a few

believe it’s only a matter of time.

Dan A. Cardoza

Dan has a MS Degree in Education from UC, Sacramento, Calif.  He is the author of four poetry Chapbooks, and a new book of fiction, Second Stories. His has work in 101 Words, Adelaide, California Quarterly, Chaleur, Cleaver, Confluence, UK, Dissections, Door=Jar, Drabble, Entropy, Esthetic Apostle, Fiction Pool, Foxglove, Frogmore, UK, High Shelf Press, New Flash Fiction Review, Rue Scribe, Runcible Spoon, Skylight 47, Spelk, Spillwords, Riggwelter, Stray Branch, Urban Arts, Zen Space, Tulpa and Zeroflash.

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