The Inheritance of War

The Inheritance of War

Before the lines were drawn in sand

before two nations, two flags, divide

over gods, prophets, believers and books

brothers fought, killed, collide.

Their god demanded submission

befitting praise, five a day

Yet that merciful shall lay in wait,

should a step or thought may go astray.

Purity & truth, or so they say

living, killing by the book.

Word of one is above all,

resisting any second look.

The lord rights all wrongs, they say,

will shower maidens, gold and fame.

Wrong unto us, a cherished virtue,

when believers bring us heathens shame.

Preacher's will is will of him

his words, deeds fair and just.

Obedience is the path they caution,

questions are a perilous lust.

Can a maker be so void of love

vengeful, cruel, bias untame?

Did messenger ever shed a tear,

over oceans of blood in his name?

War is the inheritance we got,

war is what we leave behind.

What use be of god and books,

if us and them will common sense find.

Siddharth Sehgal

Siddharth is a poet, writer and Editor in Chief of Indian Periodical.


  1. A timely poem in an age of soulless terror.

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