Beach Fever

Beach Fever

Drawing leaves is hard,

But drawing hands is harder.

When the wind blows,

And the light wanes

Thousands of leaves wave

Goodbye to her like hands

Of loved ones on ships.

Ships made out of pieces of sky,

Setting sail for unknown shores

Where the trees grow thin and tall

From white sands and green dunes.

Exotic palms open in the sun,

Hailing her like a long lost relative.

She is a water baby exiled North.

Winters pass before her return and

Memory serves as her only beach.

This time she swears will be different.

She will bury herself like a tortoise

Blown there thru storms at night

Into the promise of another day.

She will return despite the want of her life

Just as an acorn rises from the ground

Her beach fever lifts her to the tropics.

Catherine Coundjeris

A former elementary school teacher, Catherine has also taught writing at Emerson College and ESL writing at Urban College in Boston.  She is published in Peeking Cat Literary Magazine, Crossways Online Journal, Mused Bella Online Journal Metfore Magazine, Scarlet Leaf Review, 34th Parallel Magazine, and Borrowed Solace.  Currently she is living with her family in Frederick and she is working on a YA novel. Catherine volunteers as an ESL Coordinator with the Literacy Council of Frederick County and she is very passionate about adult literacy. 

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