Blood For a Rose

Blood For a Rose

All roses need love,

 but some require more.

 Crimson blood, cold sweat,

 scared tears, drug-induced vomit.

 All for the sake to make her yours.

You write for hope;

 hope she will come back.

 You write in faith;

 faith that she still cares about you.

 You write to a ghost.

 What makes her different from the others?

 How she left to find a healing

 that you fail to offer?

 How she threatened you with the friendship

 unless you comply to your greatest angst?

You’re too emotional for her blood,

 rich in love but saturated with sadness.

 She ran away from your crises 

 and left you to pick up the shattered pieces.

 With whom does the fault lie?

It is said that vulnerability

 leads to change and creativity.

 You broke down your walls

 to let your rose grow,

 but the thorns choke your heart.

Now she left a void in your brain,

 nothing more than a living memory.

 Maybe you didn’t try enough

 to give her what she needs.

 And so, you’re left to fight on your own.

 Will you find peace

 if your rose busts through the streets?

 Will your happiness thrive with hers?

 If she should return someday,

 will your past stitch itself together?

The tears you hold

 will fall in vain.

 The drops make a hollow sound.

 The pain in your heart leaks out, 

 and things will never be the same.

Sophia Kelly

Sophia Kelly is an undergraduate student attending the University of Northern Colorado. She has seven published poems, and awards for two poems in the Scholastic Art and Writing Competition. Her poems can be found in Haiku Journal, The America Library of Poetry, The Live Poets' Society of New Jersey, Poetry Nation, and Soft Cartel Magazine. Sophia strives to write in many different styles and genres. When she is not putting her pen to the paper, she crochets a wide variety of animals, where she then sells at her local artisan shop.

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