His Turn is Long Overdue

His Turn is Long Overdue

I sat there in the chair

On the deck

Which feels so secure as home

Looking at the beauty of the sky


And saw them coming

The trees

Bending down

To take me

My vision blurred


Like I imagine

Supernatural to be

When it arrives

I sat there



Perhaps even eager

Part of me

Hoping to do nothing

To halt the arrival

For three days

I have thought of him

Never had I before gave him such thought,

at such length

And for some


This time

Thought he was coming

Coming to

Take my place

The older brother I never


Who never had a chance

To live a life

He said I had wasted the life

He never got to have

That he was not angry with me

But wanted a chance

The older brother

What would have that been like

For me

For my sister

Had he had his life?

I would have been child

Number three

Is there some different dynamic to that

The kid brother

The baby of the family

The second male

He would have been the

Star no doubt

Named after our father

The first child.

The first male of that

Generation throughout

The larger


And I tell him now


You are right

You should get to live some years

Even if just these older ones

I had enough

It would be more than fair

Just promise to care for the dogs

They deserve love

As you deserve life


Tom Squitieri

Tom Squitieri is a three-time winner each of the Overseas Press Club and White House Correspondents’ Association awards for his work as a war correspondent. He reported from all seven continents, always writing as a voice for the voiceless. His writing and reporting have been published in an array of newspapers and magazines. Tom has taken his love of storytelling to poetry. His poetry has appeared in The Raven’s Perch, No Strings Attached, Style Sonata and The Griffin’s Inkpot.

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