Motel sign, blinking, blinking, blinking:

"Jesus Christ slept here." 

Put up a theme park with dioramas

and interactive learning centers

and miniature railroad circuits

and, as one of the attractions,

a You-Are-Crucified ride

that ends in a big splash of death

and then a quiet slide to redemption.

Or oblivion in the

Tunnel of Love

Patrick T. Reardon

Patrick T. Reardon is the author of eight books, including Requiem for David, a poetry collection from Silver Birch Press, and Faith Stripped to Its Essence, a literary-religious analysis of Shusaku Endo's novel Silence. Reardon, a former reporter with the Chicago Tribune, has had poetry published by Silver Birch Press, Cold Noon, Eclectica, Ground Fresh Thursday, Literary Orphans, Rhino, Spank the Carp, Time for Singing, Tipton Poetry Journal, Under a Warm Green Linden and The Write City.

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