Crippled Emotion

Crippled Emotion

The helpless child is my neighbor, though

Not very close; just by the closed next door.

Her appearance is grisly and vile, she's awful but beautiful, 

Her heart is a gift, she's like a bird who no one knows how it feeds but we all know she feeds. 

Her skin is beautifully wrinkled and she laughs in her grieve and misfortune,

She wears patched rags, racked shoes and sometimes goes wild and scary. 

The bridge is her “lowly abode”

Other than that is a beautiful site where she takes peaceful refuge,

The street is her home; exposed to beautiful vices

She cries but no one hears,  

She wants a shoulder to lean on but has none

Except that one below her head. 

Lost! She is and her future tampered. 

She has no home and all alone, owning only a black battered bucket where she cries out her tears.

To her, life's greatest treasure is to survive- she lives just to survive.

Her existence is terror to those with plenty, no one wants to help not even me, I think to her the world is being too mean. 

In her heart is a burden as heavy as the earth itself but she smiles like the bright morning star. 

All good memories have died within, all dreams buried

Most times no hope but courage is all that remains 

Suffering is her friend, she doesn't want this but no one to end it.

Her plans are tinted, vision embedded, dreams impregnated, aspirations enshrined and goals subsumed. 

Her secret place is full of tears and her closet is a bunch of pain.

I saw her just yesterday with a black sack of infested grains, bitter Candy canes, roasted cakes, solid glaze, hot mayonnaise and under the heavy rain, 

Her clothes were stained with contents of monthly flow, she never complained, on her face was a beautiful gaze, she smiled at me perhaps needed my help but I restrained into my domain for a cup of chilled champagne.  

Now yesterday is far gone leaving me with my conscience; full of regrets and wishes that I had helped. 

Is this how I will live forever? I heard she has bitten the dust just yesterday.

Bright Agbonifo

My name is Bright Agbonifo, a poet and a spoken word artist from Edo State, Nigeria. Poetry has been part of me since my birth. 

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