Full Fathom Five

Full Fathom Five

Father and son descend

Into the looking glass

Silence, interminable silence,

Save for the sound of breathing.

Bubbles, beckoning coral,

Sunlight reflecting rocks

Barely concealed crustacean from out a sea cave,

Gentle dragons,

An indifferent skate, curious tortoise,

Armies of fish, overhead, around, under, over,

Red, green, striped, dotted, mottled,

Redolent, gnarled, bubble eyed, round eyed, no eyed.

My eyes wide, wider...

“Full fathom five thy father lies,

His bones of coral made

Pearls that were his eyes,”

Away, away, away sing the sirens

Ascent at last...

Barren sea

Paradise Lost

A. Richard Sogliuzzo

A. Richard Sogliuzzo is a retired professor of Theatre History and Practice, Comparative Literature, University of Texas, Dallas (full time) as well as at universities in the Los Angeles area (i.e UCLA, California State University, Long Beach) teaching Playwriting, as well as Comparative Literature. Additionally, he taught in the Oscher Program for seniors at UCLA.  He is a widely published scholar of theatre history in America and Europe. Among his various honors is a Fulbright Hays Senior Fellowship to Italy, resulting in his book, Luigi Pirandello: the Playwright in the Theatre. He has also lectured at theatre schools throughout Italy. His plays, Charade and Discovery were produced at Los Angeles' Theatre West and Wallenboyd Theatre.  He was a Theatre Critic for National Public Radio's Morning Edition. Before his writing career he served in the U.S. Army Intelligence Signal Corps. Recently published works in online literary journals Ariel Chart, and Fiction Southeast (January 2020).

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