30 Years Without Slumbering

30 Years Without Slumbering

A town lay awake,

its lanes and avenues hugging the banks

of the Arkansa River

the joker was wild,

and no one knew these streets 

like he did

tying up loose ends,

one with the other

choking out all his arrogance

singing hymns with one face

the other face’s malevolence

reflected in ten mirrors

spilling secrets confessed

out of cereal boxes

A wolf in sheep’s clothing

leaving his flock to drown

a wild card,

seemingly powerful, 

but useless

finally contained,

a psychopath with emotions,

but then again-

maybe not.


Linda Imbler

Linda Imbler’s poetry collections include three self-published works, “Big Questions, Little Sleep,” “Lost and Found,”  and “Red Is The Sunrise.”  

Soma Publishing has published her two e-book collections, “The Sea’s Secret Song,” and “Pairings,” a hybrid of short fiction and poetry.  Examples 

of Linda’s poetry and a listing of publications can be found at lindaspoetryblog.blogspot.com

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