Eleven's Silent Promise

Eleven’s Silent Promise

When we hug, we embrace a little too long

Judgment weighs upon me, I’ve done no wrong

Pondering whether, in her arms, I belong

When we hold each other's hand, it lingers

My desire to put a ring 'round her finger

I know, to a chapel, I want to bring her

A ring that binds with a future of promise

In my uncertain future I'll find solace;

A tomorrow of hopefulness most august

Only one night did we dance at the Legion

In your embrace I heard your rhythmic breathing

Lost in your eyes, I saw my love deepen

A life not lived, these fantasies harboured

Both our lives become like that of a martyr

Makes our alternative futures that much harder

My path is akin to walking a tightrope

Either side is a fall and loss of hope

In your arms I desire to be enveloped

These aspirations, they must go unspoken

Of a divided heart, I know I'm broken

Either choice leaves a loved one heartbroken

Now, we joyfully play games of make-believe:

A meal, a gala, a doctor's appointment

In the end, these soirees, we must choose to leave

A secret rose is a scar upon my sleeve 

Entwined, never joined, our destiny, a cruel weave 

But in hope, of a future, I must believe 

This promise, a ring, I want you to wear

If you resonate, let me know if you care

to pursue this future potential life to share

A secret marriage and a silent promise

My love homage was sealed by that first kiss

A new second life, full of love and sweet bliss 

Michel Weatherall

Michel has published 5 novels and a collection of poems: The Symbiot (2015),
The Hunt: Symbiosis (2015),
Necropolis (2017) and
The Refuse Chronicles (2018), all form the weird fiction / horror, The Symbiot-Series.
as well a selection of dark poetry in "A Dark Corner of My Soul" (2015)
(All through Broken Keys Publishing).

A theological essay in American theologian Thomas Jay Oord's "The Uncontrolling Love of God: An Open and Relational Account of Providence" (2015)

His latest novel, Ngaro's Sojourney (released March 2019) as well as The Symbiot 30th Anniversary, The Nadia Edition (2019)

2018 Faces of Ottawa Awards Favourite Author finalist &
2019 Faces of Ottawa Awards Favour Author finalist.

Currently working on another collection of poems to be entitled "Sun & Moon", it's title piece has been published in Ariel Chart in the April 2019 edition.

This piece, "Eleven's Silent Promise", another piece from the upcoming "Sun & Moon", is a set of eleven tercets each with eleven syllables.




  1. real beauty and passion in this work.

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