Hard Rock, Kid Rock

Hard Rock, Kid Rock

Up and down this invigorating web

of streets and alleys,

at this potent location,

full of valuable appeal,

where walk spry citizens

and those whose geriatric limping

sense the attractions and rousing jabs of chords 

from within The Hard Rock Cafe.

A place without specific fashion required,

only faces full of furrowed dedication

to the sight of all things country.

Contained on these streets,

the shallow dreams of so many musical wannabes,

exhibiting minded despair.

Inflated worshippers,

willing to accept a grubby recompense

offered by bloodthirsty gnats

with their names among record label signs.

Further within,

one feels bone surprising intensity,

the prickling bleed of ears

as they stand beside Kid Rock’s bar.

Along the shops and Honky Tonks

there’s the stalwart visibility of instruments

carried, displayed.

Bar noise fights against the blare

from open party buses, those feverish monorails

traversing the tidal crisscross,

a dozen paths at each intersection.

If suddenly downtown Nashville 

fell under the Earth,

carrying with it all its battalion of ills and blessings,

and centuries later was uncovered,

still, the meaningful entirety

of this treasured dig

would be understood and coveted.

 Linda Imbler


Linda Imbler’s poetry collections include three self-published works, “Big Questions, Little Sleep,” “Lost and Found,” and “Red Is The Sunrise.”
Soma Publishing has published her two e-book collections, “The Sea’s Secret Song,” and “Pairings,” a hybrid of short fiction and poetry. Examples
of Linda’s poetry and a listing of publications can be found at lindaspoetryblog.blogspot.com.

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