Meditations on Love

Meditations on Love

Our smiles trickle down

To the world beyond us;

They call it love,

That thread hanging the world together

Suspended in air- like a balloon

Rocking gracefully in cosmos

In tandem with the music of dreams.

Merry hearts and minds worship love,

While bowed heads and downcast hearts hunt for it.

Was it invented by man?

Or it just sprang instantaneously into life?

Does its hold transform rattling discords of life

Into a beautiful symphony?

Whose master is it?

Martin Chrispine Juwa

Martin Chrispine Juwa is a Malawian poet. Currently, he writes from Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi.  He writes about poverty, politics, love and nature. His works have appeared in 2018 Best New African Poets Anthology, and local publications of Scribble Magazine and Nthanda Review.

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