Willie and the Weary Ones

Willie and the Weary Ones

There’s more cob pipes on this country social media

Than a Rebel Children of the Corn rip-off movie.

But I get weary of whiners with little talent

And big mouths attempting Big City things

Without an ounce of energy or enthusiasm.

Maybe it’s the pot-filled cowboy hats,

Maybe it’s the kegs of cow-piss beer

Maybe it’s Ma’s fiddle is broken again

Maybe it’s just counterfeit culture crap

But whatever it is it’s supremely lame

And a Greyhound ticket to Loserville

The women of faith whom raise their little ones

The farmers who plow and make us a whole nation

Have no time for weary, whiny, whack-a-moles

Who turn up with another bogus title

Ten minutes after Instagram

Calls them a musical genius

A poetic monument

A soul for the ages.

Low rent ranch hand

You have been put on notice.

Mark Antony Rossi is a poet, author, broadcaster
and the real deal. 


  1. Thanks for taking a stand against the fakeness and phony nobodies. Glad you put them on notice.

    Country Joe

  2. This is one of the funniest poems to come down the pike. I agree Willie Nelson is a damn embarrassment.

  3. Holy moly this reminds me of that weirdo in cheap dark shades and a Walmart toy story hat pretending he produced every musical act from Elvis to Metallica. Say it’s not so.

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