Autumnal Equinox

Autumnal Equinox


The autumnal equinox

Light and dark

In equal measure

Vying for supremacy

Balancing life’s forces

As the sun crosses

The celestial equator

Moving through the darkness

Toward the new light of spring

Autumn glories

Balancing life

Letting go

Of inner daemons

Harmonizing with the earth

And finding comfort and serenity

In the warmth of snug spaces

Created and preserved

Against the vicissitudes of winter

The mysteries of the unknown

Served up daily

As the fall air

And mutating colors

Present new challenges

Opening doors to the

Constant of change

Embracing the present

And the vastness of life

Bruce Levine


Bruce Levine, a native Manhattanite, has spent his life as a writer of fiction and poetry and as a music and theatre professional. His works are published in over twenty-five on-line journals including Literally Stories, Visitant, Foliate Oak Magazine; over thirty print books including Poetry Quarterly, Mused Literary Review, Dual Coast Magazine, and his shows have been produced in New York and around the country. His work is dedicated to the loving memory of his late wife, Lydia Franklin. He lives in New York with his dog, Daisy. Visit him at


  1. Call me strange but the best poetry comes out during this season. This one is the best I read in years.

  2. Bruce thank you for this well-captured composite of the oxymoronic yet
    predictable seasonal slant.

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