Bitter Cold Can Burn

Bitter Cold Can Burn

Perhaps the fires of hell

are meant to describe

a wintry mix rather than that of flames. 

Greetings and affection met with chilly, cutting

aloofness can break hearts and stretch the nerves raw.

Such deep and keen, sharp pain within the breast,

the sting of rejection felt in sinews,

like a pitchfork,

such will freeze the blood

of all but the most heartless, soulless beast.


Linda Imbler


Examples of Linda’s poetry and a listing of publications can be found at  When not writing, Linda is an avid reader, classical guitar player, and a practitioner of both Yoga and Tai Chi.  In, addition, she helps her husband, a Luthier, build acoustic guitars.  Linda enjoys her 200-gallon saltwater reef tank wherein resides her almost 20 year old yellow tang.  A retired teacher, who began writing in earnest in January, 2015, Linda believes that poetry truly adds to the beauty of the world.  Much of this beauty she feels can be found in the night sky and, on warm nights, er telescope serves as inspiration for this belief. Linda’s self-published poetry collections include “Big Questions, Little Sleep,”  “Lost and Found,”  and “Red Is The Sunrise.”  She has two e-books published by Soma Publishing; “The Sea’s Secret Song,” and “Pairings,” a hybrid eBook of short fiction and poetry.  Her third e-book, That Fifth Element, will be published by Soma Publishing in late September. 

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